A scene analysis in pasqualino settebellezze a movie by lina wertmuller

This could happen for a number of reasons:

A scene analysis in pasqualino settebellezze a movie by lina wertmuller

World Cinema Review: November

Printer Friendly There are three main struggles in the cosmos. Then there is the conflict between classes, the political potboiler existing among the haves and the have nots, the rich and the poor, the elite and the disenfranchised.

Though it is probably as potent as the ethereal sortie between God and Satan, it is usually dismissed as the loathsome lament of some radical or liberal.

Last, but certainly not least, is the battle of the sexes. The raging riot between men and women, guys and gals, frames a great deal of our social interaction, especially with the media portraying the pairing and the impossibly complex conditions that make up the eventual mating between the two.

Throughout the course of her crazy career, she crafted an entire oeuvre out of passion, politics and the perversion of both. There is no grace period involved, no easing in with examples that forewarn of her fiercely independent take on Italian social structures.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the first film of this set: While traveling on a luxury yacht, rich social democrat Raffaella Pavone Lanzetti ends up stranded on a raft with one of the crewmen, a roguish communist named Gennarino Carunchio. Eventually landing on a deserted island, the two begin a battle of wits that mixes sex, politics and gender issues.

Raffaella demands to be treated with respect, as someone of her class considers appropriate. Though it is strong in content and even more potent in concept, Swept Away is first and foremost an allegory. South and classes rich vs.

As the upper class couples yell and scream their political screeds at each other, the crew members look on in levels of disbelief. Raffaella is the most political of all the people on board, able to talk over and above everyone else. She needs a lesson in manipulation, in making her point without pounding people over the head.

Gennarino thinks he can simply beat it out of her. This is a very risky role for Italian stalwart Giancarlo Giannini. He is callous and uncouth, physically rude and mentally unnerving when he finally gets Raffaella alone. Initially, Swept Away looks to be a basic political cartoon, with the poor man beating on the rich woman, taking out all the sins of the social order on this one captive creation of it.

Much of the dialogue is made up of attacks and analysis, with each side pitching their position in long drawn out monologues of misery and rage. You can practically feel the pain that Gennarino experiences as a member of the minority.Lina Wertmuller (writer and director) Pasqualino Settebellezze (Seven Beauties) / , USA Although I saw Wertmuller’s Seven Beauties sometime after its American release, I remembered little about it, although a kind a queasy feeling prevented me for years from revisiting it.

Shirley Stoler from Pasqualino Settebellezze (Seven Beauties) by Lina Wertmuller Find this Pin and more on c i n é m a by Valentina Mangieri. The concentration camp director in Lina Wertmuller's terribly strong film Pasqualino Settebelleze, with Giancarlo Giannini.

Dec 20,  · Pasqualino Settebellezze (original title) R | 1h 56min I just bought the new DVD version and I'm in love with Lina again. Thank You, Lina, for the courtroom scene of poignant conversation without words. The theme of the movie is simply that we too often accept survival as an excuse to abandon honor, integrity and fundamental /10(K).

Pasqualino Settebellezze. Directed by: Lina Wertmüller.

A scene analysis in pasqualino settebellezze a movie by lina wertmuller

Starring: Elena Fiore, Shirley Stoler, Fernando Rey, Fernando Rey, Giancarlo Giannini. Genres: Drama, Black Comedy, Prison Film, War.

Rated the #25 best film of , and # in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users)/5(). The Belle Starr Story/Il mio corpo per un poker is a Italian made episodic Bonnie and Clyde type spaghetti western co-written and co-directed by Lina Wertmüller and starring Elsa Martinelli who also sings the title song.

Apr 16,  · Lina Wertmuller's "Seven Beauties" is about Lina Wertmuller's "Seven Beauties" is about Pasqualino, a little man who absentmindedly wanders through the Italian fascism of the prewar years before finally being imprisoned by the Nazis.

A scene analysis in pasqualino settebellezze a movie by lina wertmuller

I'm not sure there is a rational answer; the movie seems to be a working out on a 4/4.

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