Banana sap as natural ink essay

They are the people who helped and contributed for the success of this endeavor.

Banana sap as natural ink essay

Is the ink effective? Significance of the Study Nowadays, the prices of certain commodities have been steadily rising. Many people like students are forced to purchase low-quality pens due to budget constraints because it is difficult to buy high-quality pen which is usually priced stiffly.

The findings of this study shall be used by all people especially students, teachers, and office workers. The results of this study could provide information on natural inks to all people in order to utilize an eco-friendly ink, to give them chance to become more aware of our environment and economy and also to further broaden their minds that every single creation here on earth has its use.

The study benefited the different ink suppliers so that it could lessen the harmful effects of toxic inks that could eventually leads to serious conditions that the society might face in the future.

Scope and Limitation This study will be conducted to make use of banana sap and annatto seeds as ink. This study was limited to the determination of its effectiveness in different mixtures and proportions.

Moreover, the study was limited to four treatments and will be conducted at Apayao Science High School from September to October Chapter III Methodology This chapter presents the methods and procedures which were employed in the study.

It is the palest and stickiest part of the stalk. Cut up into small pieces for easier slicing and put them into the bowl. Get the white handkerchief and place a handful minced stalk in to it. Using the mortar and pestle, pound the wrapped minced stalk.

After pounding, squeezed manually the pounded stalk to extract the sap of the banana stalk and place in as casserole. In order to extract the annatto seeds, soak it in a 1 cup warm of water for 3 minutes.

Banana sap as natural ink essay

And stir it for 30 seconds after. Using the strainer, separate the extract from the seed. Measure the banana sap and the annatto seed extract according to their respective treatments.

Heat the ink solutions in a medium fire until they started to boil and thicken up.

Banana Paper Essay Example for Free

Stir and left to boil simultaneously to check the thickness and consistency. Test the inks on a paper to check the hue of it. Let the ink cool enough and transfer it to the syringe. Chapter II Review of Related Literature This chapter discusses the relevant concepts and principles about bananas and annatto seeds.

Banana The word banana may refer to musa x paradisiacalor an edible fruit, botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.

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The fruit is variable in size, color and firmness, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a rind which may be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when ripe.

The fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant. Almost all modern edible parthenocarpic seedless bananas come from two wild species — Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana.

The old scientific name Musa sapientum is no longer used.

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Banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. Bananas grow in a wide variety of soils, as long as the soil is at least 60 cm deep, has good drainage and is not compacted.

The base of the petiole widens to form a sheath; the tightly packed sheaths make up the pseudostem, which is all that supports the plant. The edges of the sheath meet when it is first produced, making it tubular. As new growth occurs in the centre of the pseudostem the edges are forced apart.

Cultivated banana plants vary in height depending on the variety and growing conditions. Leaves are spirally arranged and may grow 2. They are easily torn by the wind, resulting in the familiar frond look. Bananas are thought to have originated in Malaysia around 4, years ago.

From there, they spread throughout the Philippines and India, where in B.Visit for the latest issue of Inc. Magazine and get advice, tools, and services that help your small business grow. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE.

In a study, “Papers and Boards from Banana Stem Waste” in which they used banana stem waste in producing paper and board because banana is a very good source of cellulose.

Banana sap as natural ink essay

Banana sap and Annatto seeds as Ink Chapter I Introduction Background of the Study Ink has always been an essential part of our lives. This primarily used for communication, writing, duplicating or printing and data recording.

The Potential of Tannin Found in Avocado Seeds (Persea Americana) As Alternative Source of Ink A Science Investigatory Project in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirement in Science IV. Feasibility Of Banana Sap And Rise Stock Ink Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'feasibility of banana sap and rise stock ink' The Feasibility Of Moringa .

We will write a custom essay sample on Banana Paper specifically for you for only $ $/page. This study helps and guides us not to use banana leaves in making the banana paper wherein the results was not good enough. Base on their observations, it was strong enough to hold its shape but it was lumpy and brownish which makes the.

Banana Sap As Natural Ink Essay Example for Free