Banking service marketing mix

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Banking service marketing mix

SinceReg CC—which governs funds availability and how financial institutions handle check collection and return processes—has stayed mostly the same.

But think about how much banking has evolved over the last quarter century, especially in light of the widespread use of electronic items, checks, and processing Banking service marketing mix.

You might be surprised to learn that a large chunk of Reg CC still applies only to paper checks. These amendments will take effect on July 1,and they aim to recognize current collection practices. Shifting the Loss for Remote Deposit Capture Although remote deposit capture is convenient for customers, the service can be a nightmare for a bank.

For example, when a person uses remote deposit capture, he or she retains the original paper check, which he or she could attempt to cash again. When this happens and yes, it happens quite frequentlyseveral parties are stuck arguing about who should take the loss. Typically, the bank that ends up paying the original paper check will bring a UCC claim against the check writer who then has little redress unless he or she can track down the individual who cashed the check twice.

Under the new rules, the bank that accepts the remote deposit capture indemnifies the bank that receives a later deposit of the original paper check against the risk that the paper check will be deposited again.

In other words, the rule shifts the risk of loss to the remote deposit capture bank. Many in the industry believe this change will deter banks from offering remote deposit capture service, while others think the remote deposit capture bank is in the best position to prevent multiple deposits of the same item.

Thankfully, the Federal Reserve carved out an exception to this rule. We recommend that banks and credit unions review their remote deposit capture agreements to ensure they are protected from bad actors.

For example, since remote deposit capture now more than ever poses a credit risk for the institution, it may decide to only offer its remote deposit capture service to customers who have built a satisfactory history of deposits, or it may impose more restrictive remote capture deposit limits to curtail the potential exposure.

Institutions might also consider discussing these issues with their third-party vendors providing remote deposit capture software to investigate whether the software can scan for proper restrictive indorsements.

That the electronic image accurately represents the front and back of the original check and includes an accurate record of all MICR line information ; and That no person will receive a transfer, presentment, return of, or otherwise be charged again for a check that has already been paid.

Interestingly, by extending these warranties to drawers and owners of checks, the Federal Reserve essentially guarded these persons against certain types of harm that are typically beyond their control, such as harm resulting from illegible images or incorrect MICR lines.

After deliberation, the Federal Reserve determined that depository institutions should bear the risk of loss for these items. Although Reg CC itself does not allow the depository institution to assert this new indemnity against the depositor, the institution can allocate that liability to the depositor under a separate written agreement.

If the paying bank fails to return a check expeditiously, the paying bank can find itself liable for losses incurred by the depository bank. The amendments to Reg CC will slightly modify the expeditious return rule for all returned checks, both paper and electronic. Under the new rule, all returned checks must be returned in an expeditious manner such that the check would normally be received by the depository bank not later than 2: In addition to moving the cutoff hour from 4: Under the new rule, a paying bank may be liable to a depository bank for failing to return a check expeditiously only if the depository bank has arrangements in place such that the paying bank could return the returned check electronically by commercially reasonable means.

The Fed believes this new expeditious return rule will incentivize depository banks to receive electronic returns to preserve their ability to make claims that certain checks were not returned expeditiously.

Banks can still extend the midnight deadline, though the amendments to Reg CC make some slight tweaks.

Banking service marketing mix

For example, currently a paying bank can extend the deadline if it returns a check in a manner that would ordinarily deliver the check to the depository bank before its next banking day following the deadline. But as amended, the deadline is extended only if the depository bank actually receives the return before certain cutoff times.

To help accomplish that, the amendments permit electronic returns if the paying bank has an agreement to do so with the receiving bank, whether between themselves or according to a Federal Reserve operating circular, clearinghouse rule, or other interbank agreement.

These amendments, like those discussed already, further nudge the industry to embrace modern technology.

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As a general rule, when a paying bank returns a check, the paying bank must indicate on the face of the check the reason for the return.Real Time Personalisation and Marketing Automation Build a Relationship.

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Bank Marketing Mix. Uploaded by Anisa_Rao. First Direct, however, the telephone banking service, has proved that a bank without branches is possible though its customers still need access to convenient ATM outlets. Some consumers prefer personal, face-to-face contact within a branch and may be more likely to use a local branch or building 5/5(3).

Jan 31,  · General Management - It's been called selling the invisible—delivering intangible services as a core product offering. But invisibility, or intangibility, is just one factor that distinguishes services marketing from product marketing. Along with inseparability. 2 |Surgically replacing core banking platforms — a perspective on alternate approaches Ripping out old infrastructure and replacing this with a newer, more efficient solution for routing and executing transactions is an undertaking that requires fundamental transformation across.

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Services Marketing has different service sectors. And Banking is one of them. This is a presentation which includes all the necessary information about a banking service and the extended marketing mix, i.e. 7 P's.

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