Bridge wiseman s cove

A woman gets on board a bus…destination unknown… she waits out of sight and sneaks on when the driver is pre-occupied. She does not have a ticket and no-one knows she is on the bus.

Bridge wiseman s cove

She enters the bus secretly and leans down to tie her shoe laces to avoid detection. He would expect his mother to leave after a few weeks instead of staying and taking care of the family like a mother should do.

Find a quote that shows Sarah did not appreciate his efforts. What does this say about his self-esteem? The vegie patch was important to Carl because it had symbolised hope and that once his mother had cared for them and had spent time with him. It upsets Carl to even look at the Vegie patch because it now resembles his family, once a good, happy family until Kerry stopped caring for them and she left everything die.

Yes she is still a teenager but she is unable to live her life make her own mistakes because she was left to take care of Carl and Harley. She is unable to grow and find herself.

Dislocation means disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state. Carl and Harley are dislocated from Sarah, there things they left behind and from their home. Find a quote that shows Carl knew they would not be returning home in the near future.

She is just like Kerry; Bridge wiseman s cove would leave when it got tough, she is selfish How does she demonstrate her lack of care for her nephews?

Bridge to wisemans cove essay

Wattle Beach Why was Carl disappointed when he followed the beautiful girl on to the beach? He was disappointed because she was not alone she had friend waiting for her.

Find a quote on page 24 which shows Carl is lonely. Maddie the girl that Carl had followed was skinnier and more confident than Justine but she was one or two centimetres taller and she had pale gingerly hair and Justine was more self-conscience about her body than Maddie was.

Harley What is Harley accused of doing? Act the same as well. Harley starts crying and asks Carl when Sarah or even Kerry is going to come back Why does Carl wish he was a concrete statue?

Carl wished he had a concrete statue so that he would have no thoughts, no cares, no pain. Emotionless How does Carl protect Harley from Beryl?

He pulls Harley away from Beryl and sends him outside so that they could talk What convinces Beryl to let the boys stay? The money that Sarah had given him, she is motivated by money What does this tell you about Beryl?

What was her reaction and why would Carl be hurt by it? Carl gave Harley orange reflectors for the heels of his BMX because Harley would ride at night and Carl was worried someone would run him over. Always use specific evidence to justify your answer.

Bridge wiseman s cove

How does Bruce compare girls to fruit? He would most likely be a cheater. Carl tells Beryl that Sarah had taken off and left Harley and himself to live with her How does Beryl react and what actions does she take? Carl thinks that Beryl allowed them to stay because of the money that she is getting form social security What does this tell you about Beryl?

Carl feared that she was right that no one was going to love him because not even his mother did. He gives the money he earned straight to Beryl Who is Joy and where does she live? The other barge was painted a raincoat yellow with green stripes and had Wattle Lady written along its side Who is Skip Duncan?

Skip reacted that way because 20 years ago, Carls grandfather had ran Skip over on the beach, braking his pelvis and leg almost killing Skip The Barge What plan does Carl have to entice cars on to the red barge?

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Joy Duncan sticking up for a Matt. Carl stops Beryl from calling social security by yet again bringing up the money that he is getting from Skip Why does Harley sob? Harley cries because he is still upset that Kerry and Sarah have left them Chains What does Carl find when he returns home from work?

And so do I. Carl had hated himself for thinking that because it was cruel and something a Matt would do How does Justine make Carl feel comfortable about his size?

Carl had finally felt some love and care, He no longer felt like a statue, never moving forward, always standing still Rest Day What does Joy offer to do with Harley over Easter? Joy tells Skip that Carl needs a day off work once a week What does Carl do on his first day off?

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Carl wishes that he was back on the barge because no one asked questions and no one waited for a reply Explain the significance of the garden Carl planted with his mother. I was like she had stopped caring about spending time with her children.Bridge to wisemans cove essay.

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His short novel Swashbuckler won the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award in and in the following year, A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove was named Book of the Year in the CBCA's Older Readers category. His other titles have appeared regularly on shortlists for literary prizes and children's choice awards ever since.

A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove won the CBCA Book of the Year Award in A former teacher and librarian, James was born in Sydney but later moved to Brisbane where he now lives with his wife, Kate, and their three children.

Joy is Maddie’s mum; she lives on the island, in Wiseman’s cove Wiseman’s Cove. Describe the two barges. One of the barges was red but was mostly covered in rust and it had ‘A bridge to Wiseman’s cove written along its side. The other barge was painted a raincoat yellow with green stripes and had Wattle Lady written along its side.

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