Cervical cancer research paper outline

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Cervical cancer research paper outline

Comparison of birth control methods: Effectiveness of various methods The effectiveness of condoms, as of most forms of contraceptioncan be assessed two ways. Perfect use or method effectiveness rates only include people who use condoms properly and consistently.

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Actual use, or typical use effectiveness rates are of all condom users, including those who use condoms incorrectly or do not use condoms at every act of intercourse. Rates are generally presented for the first year of use.

They have been shown to be effective in reducing infection rates in both men and women. While not perfect, the condom is effective at reducing the transmission of organisms that cause AIDSgenital herpescervical cancergenital wartssyphilischlamydiagonorrheaand other diseases.

The NIH review concluded that condom use significantly reduces the risk of gonorrhea for men. Infectious areas of the genitals, especially when symptoms are present, may not be covered by a condom, and as a result, some diseases like HPV and herpes may be transmitted by direct contact.

Exposure to human papillomavirus, even in individuals already infected with the virus, appears to increase the risk of precancerous changes.

The use of condoms helps promote regression of these changes.

Cervical cancer research paper outline

The rate of breakage is between 0. The limited studies that have been done found that the simultaneous use of multiple condoms decreases the risk of condom breakage. Many condom manufacturers offer "snug" or "magnum" sizes.

Cervical cancer research paper outline

The person may have run out of condoms, or be traveling and not have a condom with them, or simply dislike the feel of condoms and decide to "take a chance". This type of behavior is the primary cause of typical use failure as opposed to method or perfect use failure.

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It is important that some space be left in the tip of the condom so that semen has a place to collect; otherwise it may be forced out of the base of the device. After use, it is recommended the condom be wrapped in tissue or tied in a knot, then disposed of in a trash receptacle.

Condoms are also used during fellatio to reduce the likelihood of contracting STIs. Some couples find that putting on a condom interrupts sex, although others incorporate condom application as part of their foreplay.

Some men and women find the physical barrier of a condom dulls sensation.


Advantages of dulled sensation can include prolonged erection and delayed ejaculation; disadvantages might include a loss of some sexual excitement.George TS has done his Master’s in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering from NITK Surathkal and has last worked as a Research Associate working on the development of an Intracranial stent at the Sree Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram.

Below is a sample of how our writers suggest you format your HPV research papers. The Human papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is a common sexually transmitted disease that is known to significantly increase an individual’s risk for developing cervical cancer. HPV is a leading cause of cervical cancer and, to a lesser degree, other types of cancer.

The vaccine, which has gained FDA approval, was shown to be percent effective against two . Browse the WebMD Questions and Answers A-Z library for insights and advice for better health. Part One.

Part Two Part Three We’ve looked at media reports on SCARLET FEVER in the UK, the use of the nasal influenza vaccine in those locations, and research that shows there are biological mechanisms that could connect the two.

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