Gcse pe coursework ocr

Ideal for a Year 11 mock exam this year. Flashcards work well to help students to not Get your pupils to complete our 5 a day practice questions to help them succeed.

Gcse pe coursework ocr

Happy Apple Well I have never come across such unprofessionalism. This has got to be the worst examining bOard I have ever come across OCR The man could not justify why he put all the Photography A Level grades down apart from saying The board have told us to put marks down in Photography thats what we are picking on!!!!

Have you ever heard such rubbish. This was my first year at at a new school as a head of department and I carried on with OCR just to see what they were like. To cut a long story short this is what has happened! They do not offer any coursework advisors like AQA! Help line our rubbish and have to call you back The current course I went on told me that you can get an A without any writing at A level.

The examiner told me that this was rubbish and so they are all contradiciting themselves. Of course I would encourage students to write but it was just interesting to find out that no one knows what they are going on about.

The paper work is the worst I have come across. You fill it all in on line and then you have to print it off and post it to them!!!

Gcse pe coursework ocr

As well as hand write another form with marks on, so you are filling everything out times. I asked if there should be some more and he said firmly NO. I then discover he was meant to give me the unit infomation and has not.

We phone the examining board who cant track him. I then decide 3 weeks after the moderation as the board could not track him to call his house. He then was very rude and said that I should have called him earlier!!! I dont think it is common practice to call the moderator at their home to get answers is it???

He then had to fax the whole lot through. We thought about a re-moderation but everything was so late and I was so sick with it all we have settled with the marks.

It is such a shame that it should be this difficult for teachers. Also if you are going to introduce technology and do all this e- on line marking why do we then have to post the whole lot off. I still believe that all Art teachers should have one examining board with the same boundaries so its all blooming fair!!This document is for teachers and lays out how to structure the theory and practical content of the course in a user friendly, colour coded, one page document, for the two year course.

OCR GCSE PE: Scheme of Work (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Author This pack contains all the resources that you will need to deliver the OCR. GCSE COURSEWORK AND EXAM OVERVIEW CONTENTS OPTION SUBJECTS Art Business Computing Drama Electronics Food French Geography Graphics History Humanities Media Music Physical Education Philosophy & Ethics Resistant Materials Spanish Textiles CORE SUBJECTS English Language GCSE – – – OCR.

Nov 26,  · Hi has anyone got a gcse PE coursework where you analyse a performer and the exam board is OCR B Thank you Last edited by Kaboomboom; at .

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Gcse pe coursework ocr

Our A-level History Workbooks break the project down into manageable steps, build the required skills and track students’ progress at every stage.

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