Law and a r technologies

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Law and a r technologies

The intersection of law and emerging technology is at the crest of the wave of precedent and offers an area of the law that is anything but static. Crusius Feb 4, at 2: Please welcome Eric S.

Crusius to Above the Law. His column will focus on the legal issues surrounding emerging technologies. Imagine the judge deciding your divorce did not know what marriage was prior to hearing your case or the jury rendering a verdict on a car accident personal injury case you brought had never seen a car before.

That is the reality many lawyers face including me when trying to explain emerging technologies and even some more well established technologies to judges and juries. This, of course, leads to inconsistent decisions around the country and a lack of legal certainty that court systems always strive to achieve.

If you post an anonymous negative review on Yelp! Can the police force you to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint? As technology evolves more quickly, it is inevitable that legal issues will continue to crop up that deal with these issues.

I was recently on Fox News debating whether police should be able to force suspects to unlock their cell phones with their fingerprints. The debate came from a case decided in Virginia in which a defendant was not required to reveal his iPhone passcode, but was being forced to unlock it with his finger.

When viewing the issue more holistically in light of the new technology offered by the Touch ID, I think this a cramped and outdated view that reveals how short the law falls when Courts try to force new technology into tangentially related precedent.

As I mentioned during the debate, a healthy argument can be advanced that choosing a particular finger and method as to how the finger is saved did you use more of the middle of the finger or the side when saving the print to the phone?

Also, drawing blood and getting fingerprinted requires no effort or thought by a Defendant, whereas unlocking a phone with the correct part of the correct finger does. Had the court considered these issues, perhaps the ruling would have been different.

Another issue I have been watching closely is the myriad of privacy issues that come up when technology companies collect or hold onto information without telling their customers or doing so in an inadequate fashion.

Remember when it was revealed that Apple was keeping location data of iPhone customers? This type of tracking, which, at best, was done with insufficient warning, may be illegal.

Law and a r technologies

The question is how many customers will be educated enough about the issue and have the time to do so. In the end, the intersection of law and emerging technology and even older technology that is maturing is at the crest of the wave of precedent and offers an area of the law that is anything but static contrasting, for instance, contracts or personal injury for the most part.

Eric Crusius, a native New Yorker, is a Partner with Fed Nexus Law in Tysons Corner, Virginia, where he concentrates in government contracts, technology issues, and complex commercial litigation.AUTOMATED LAW ENFORCEMENT INCIDENT REPORT The Automated Law Enforcement Incident Report (A.L.E.I.R.) software package is a computerized police records management and police dispatch system designed for law enforcement and security agencies.

Pennsylvania Natural Weather Assn. v. Blue Ridge Weather Modification Assn., Marquette Law Review, 2 2. Innovative. We aspire to be recognized innovators at both the practice and business of law by creative thought, a flexible approach, and early adoption of technology. Only government leaders were less likely than law firm managers to report taking advantage of artificial intelligence or other emerging technologies, said the RELX Group survey.

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Law and a r technologies

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