Legal ethical and social issues on information systems

Cyber-crimes can range from simply annoying computer users to huge financial losses and even the loss of human life. The growth of smartphones and other high-end Mobile devices that have access to the internet have also contributed to the growth of cyber-crime.

Legal ethical and social issues on information systems

It can be the source of many benefits but it can also create new opportunities for invading your privacy, and enabling the reckless use of that information in a variety of decisions about you. Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems In the past 10 years, we have witnessed, arguably, one of the most ethically challenging periods for U.

Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong that individuals, acting as free moral agents, use to make choices to guide their behaviors. The ethical dilemma you may face as a manager of information systems typically is reflected in social and political debate.

Information rights and obligations. What information rights do individuals and organizations possess with respect to themselves? What can they protect? Property rights and obligations.

How will traditional intellectual property rights be protected in a digital society in which tracing and accounting for ownership are difficult and ignoring such property rights is so easy? Who can and will be held accountable and liable for the harm done to individual and collective information and property rights?

What standards of data and system quality should we demand to protect individual rights and the safety of society? What values should be preserved in an information- and knowledge-based society?

Key Technology Trends that Raise Ethical Issues Profiling — the use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individuals.

Legal ethical and social issues on information systems

Responsibility, Accountability, and Liability Ethical choices are decisions made by individuals who are responsible for the consequences of their actions. Responsibility is a key element and means that you accept the potential costs, duties, and obligations for the decisions you make.

Accountability is a feature of systems and social institutions and means mechanisms are in place to determine who took responsible action, and who is responsible.

Liability is a feature of political systems in which a body of laws is in place that permits individuals to recover the damages done to them by other actors, systems, or organizations. Due process is a related feature of law-governed societies and is a process in which laws are known and understood, and there is an ability to appeal to higher authorities to ensure that the laws are applied correctly.

Privacy And Freedom In The Internet Age Privacy is the claim of individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations, including the state.

Most American and European privacy law is based on a regime called Fair Information Practices FIP first set forth in a report written in by a federal government advisory committee U. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Informed consent can be defined as consent given with knowledge of all the facts needed to make a rational decision.

Working with the European Commission, the U.

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Department of Commerce developed a safe harbor framework for U. A safe harbor is a private self-regulating policy and enforcement mechanism that meets the objectives of government regulators and legislation but does not involve government regulation or enforcement.

Legal ethical and social issues on information systems

Internet Challenges to Privacy Internet technology has posed new challenges for the protection of individual privacy. Information sent over this vast network of networks may pass through many different computer systems before it reaches its final destination.

Each of these systems is capable of monitoring, capturing, and storing communications that pass through it. Cookies are small text files deposited on a computer hard drive when a user visits to the web sites.

Web beacons, also called web bugs, are tiny objects invisibly embedded in e-mail messages and Web pages that are designed to monitor the behavior of the user visiting a web site or sending e-mail.

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Intellectual Property Intellectual property is considered to be intangible property created by individuals or corporations.Ethics in MIS seek to protect and safeguard individuals and society by using information systems responsibly.

Most professions usually have defined a code of ethics or code of conduct guidelines that all professionals affiliated with the profession must adhere to. Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Information Security In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics.

EARL WARREN, CHIEF JUSTICE OF legal system, any court can assert its authority over an individual or organization if it can Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Information Security Mar 15,  · Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems In the past 10 years, we have witnessed, arguably, one of the most ethically challenging periods for U.S.

and global business. In today’s new legal environment, managers who violate the law and are . *Different situations can bring up different ethical and legal implication, and they don't always work together, lots of times they clash Chapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues.

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94 terms. IS Ch 4: Information Systems and Ethics. 58 terms Management Information Systems-Chapter 4- Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems.

Ethical Responsibilities. Business managers and those with access to information systems have the responsibility to act ethically when using the technology. Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ETHICAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL ISSUES IN AN INFORMATION SOCIETY The introduction of new information technology has a ripple effect, raising new ethical, social, and political issues that must be dealt with on the individual, social, and political levels.

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