Mcdonalds ethic

Leave a Comment A friend-of-a-friend of mine runs a mid-sized construction company in Latin America. As many readers will know, that industry in that region has a reputation for a relatively high degree of corruption, and in particular bribery. This friend-of-a-friend says he absolutely refuses to give bribes, in spite of the obvious temptations.

Mcdonalds ethic

Mcdonalds ethic

It comes to his ears that a small restaurant in California use 8 of his multimixer at the same time. He then went to the restaurant to investigate. The rapidity of the service and the principle of a production chain impress him.

He decides to do business with the two owner of the restaurant, the McDonalds Brothers. Ray Kroc bought the name and became the lone owner of the company.

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Ten years after, the company counted restaurants in the United States. We believe that a diverse, well-trained team working together in a highly engaging, respectful environment is essential to our continued success.

McDonald always treated their employee with respect and the customers as well. Why this company is considered ethical?

As seen in the previous paragraph, this company treated with respect their customers and their employees. McDonald wanted to give more to the community which help it to grow to become the multinational it is today.

It is true, but McDonalds only answered to the demand that we asked. They also tried to make healthy food. They now got tasty salads and healthy food on brown bread. But from a former manager of McDonalds, I can assure you that even with healthy choice; the customers still take the junk food.

This is why McDonalds is an ethical business. They give us what we want, they respect their employees and the customers and they are helping sick children around the world.Your trust is an asset to our business and that's why we place so much focus on getting involved in the local community.

Learn about our responsibility here!

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May 18,  · ; Sustainability Faceoff: McDonald’s vs. Starbucks Comparing Starbucks and McDonald’s may not seem to make sense at first, but the two chains actually have a lot in common–namely.

Mcdonalds ethic

Nov 22,  · McDonald's strongly believes that those suppliers who are approved to do business with the McDonald's System should follow the same philosophy, and, in the best interest of the System, McDonald's will refuse to approve or do business with those who do not uphold, in action as well as words, the same principles.

Oct 05,  · News about McDonald's Corporation, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Nov 04,  · i McDonald's Vs Burger King Definition of Ethical Business Behavior This can be defined as the accepted set of moral values and corporate standards of conduct in a business/organization.

McDonald's is really making the push for part of Starbucks market, now that Starbucks is closing stores in the US. And you've already read here that McDonald's coffee strategy is hurting Starbucks. But is it ethical putting ads, not between the news, but IN the news?

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