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Investors and the funds directly invest into private companies or buy public companies. Venture capital, distress situations, leveraged buyouts and growth capital are the most common private equity investments.

Palamon capital partners teamsystem s p a

Both sales have together generated a combined investment return of 3. SARquavitae is the largest elderly care services provider in Spain, operating 88 facilities nationwide and is active in residential facilities, home care, tele-assistance and the provision of at-home medical services.

The Company employs approximately 12, staff and servicespeople per year. Palamon originally invested in SARquavitae in having identified the opportunity to build a national champion of scale in the fragmented Spanish elderly care sector.

Ageing demographics, shifts in social structure and regulatory reform created an ideal environment in which to rapidly grow the business both organically and through acquisitions. In the Company completed the transformational acquisition of Mapfre Quavitae, making it the largest player in the market.

Julian Carreras, Partner at Palamon commented: It underlines the power of our original investment thesis, which predicted the growth in the Spanish elderly care market.

We would like to remember at this time Higinio Raventos, founder of SARquavitae, who sadly passed away last year and to thank the management team for building a highly effective working relationship during this period and wish them every success with their new partners.

The transaction values Happy Socks at SEK million, with SEK 40 million of growth capital being injected to support the continued expansion of the business, leading to a SEK million post-money enterprise value. Founded in in Sweden by Mikael S? Happy Socks is a globally recognised brand sold in more than 90 countries through more than 10, points of sale, supported by a fast growing online channel and an expanding portfolio of own-branded retail stores.

The Company has disrupted the global sock wear market by offering high quality, attractively priced, colourful patterned socks promoted through creative point of sale displays, celebrity collaborations and a strong social media presence.

Following the transaction, the founders will remain actively involved in the Company. We are thrilled to partner with founders Mikael S? We have transformed the company into a real growth engine by strengthening our operational platform and our global presence.

We have achieved the best of both worlds by securing a strong new partner in Palamon and remaining significant owners in a great business that we will continue to build in the years to come.

Domain Manager Registrant Organization:Does it fit with Palamon’s investment strategy? 4- How much is 51% of TeamSystem’s common equity worth? Use both a discounted cash flow and a multiple-based valuation to justify your recommendation.

Palamon Capital Partners/ TeamSystem the following What is private equity investing? Who participates in it and why?

2- How is Palamon positioned in the industry?

Palamon capital partners teamsystem s p a

How does private equity investing compare with public market investing? What are the similarities and differences between the two?

3- Why is Palamon interested in. Please click on the choices below to learn more about this product. Warren E. Buffett, Author(s): Robert F. Bruner and Sean Carr DOI: /UV Read Case Palamon Capital Partners/ TeamSystem S.p.A. Answer this question within case: Palamon had an opportunity to purchase a 51% stake in TeamSystem for (euro) EUR million. - Palamon Capital Partners

PALAMON CAPITAL PARTNERS/TEAMSYSTEM S.P.A. Source of data: European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. Exhibit 2 Historical Data on European Private Equity Market (values in millions of lire) TeamSystem, S.p.A.

Historical and Pro-Forma Income Statement Total sales. 51 Palamon Capital Partners/TeamSystem S.p.A. 52 Purinex, Inc. 53 Medfield Pharmaceuticals 44 Revised 46 Ferrari: The Initial Public Offering 49 Carter International 50 DuPont Corporation: Sale of Performance Coatings 51 OutReach Networks: First Venture Round 52 Sanofi-Aventis's .