Photoshop write access not granted yosemite

Error - 'Photoshop could not save "file" because write access was not granted'. Open a Photoshop file from the server Choose Save from the File menu The message Error - 'Photoshop could not save "file" because write access was not granted' is displayed If the user selects "Save" - the file is purged from the server If the user selects "Save As" and keeps the same filename - the operation usually succeeds if it fails the file is purged from the server If the user selects "Save As" and enters a unique filename - the operation will succeed Cause: When Photoshop saves a document, it deletes the current file, creates a new blank file with the same name, and then attempts to open the new file for writing.

Photoshop write access not granted yosemite

Nov 7, 2: I'm getting the Could not save "file.

photoshop write access not granted yosemite

I have a variety of machines in the office that I have been using to test with. It seems that the server understands who the files 'owner' is, not only by visually getting info, but with the command line, manually checking permissions.

The workstations connecting to the server are in various states of confusion based on their OS. The lack of understanding of sho the file owner is seems to be the culprit, but I can't fogire out how to address it, as it's not a permission issue in my thought, rather an issue with the workstations and their OS.

I will say that intil about 2 weeks ago, we didn't have this problem. So I wonder if there has been an Apple pdate that changes something that could be causing this. How this manifests itself, and is a real nightmare waiting to happen is when working on files from the server.

I open Photoshop to edit and save a file on a Leopard machine, the files saves fine. The files disappears and I have to save again to save it.

When I go back to the Leopard machine to open the file, it opens and saves just fine. As a test, I cleared my keychains on the Lion and Snow Leopard machines, but that didn't help. Has anyone been able to figure out anything on this so far?Aug 10,  · Now when you open an image from the server, make and edit and save, you still get the "Could not save X because the file was not found." (at this point the files has been deleted from the server) Click Okay.

Mac OS X SMB Fix solution: SMBUp

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Sep 24,  · I am also having a problem with Photoshop not having write access to save a file. However, when I quit out of Lightroom, PS saves the file just fine.

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This is . A number of clients have reported errors when saving a file using Photoshop on OS or above, especially when connected to an OS X Read more. Apr 22,  · "Could not save "file name" because write access was not granted" I'm working in Photoshop CS 6 (version x 64) - System Yosemite on a iMac from The shared folder is placed on a iMac from , Yosemite.

I have had Apple support on the shared folder - every thing is set correct.

photoshop write access not granted yosemite

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