Sasquatch research paper

The names instantly conjure images of enigmatic apelike creatures existing at the thresholds of human experience. We imagine them as huge, hairy, and walking on two legs, a perception developed throughout generations of sightings and crystallized in by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in their brief but historic film.

Sasquatch research paper

Scrutinizing Sasquatch Cinema of the Seventies. The Science Fiction genre is one of the oldest and most consistently popular genres in cinematic history, and one that significantly predates the introduction of moving images.

Consequently, as such, much has been written upon this Consequently, as such, much has been written upon this category of film, both critically and academically.

Sasquatch research paper

However, one particular area of Science Fiction that has almost been largely ignored is that of Sasquatch Cinema; films that significantly feature the hairy, human-like creature.

Despite the undeniably vast amount of writing upon the elusive beast itself, very little study has been done on the various fictional incarnations of Bigfoot.

But why was Bigfoot such a cultural phenomenon of s America? Besides the embedded appealing enigma the creature possesses, I would also argue that Bigfoot was the essential personification of many contextual social anxieties and fears.

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These include uncertainties regarding the challenging of traditional ideals of gender, sexuality and race as well as shared concerns of nature, industrialisation, suspicion of authority and the role of consumerism during the decade.

Consequently, I shall be discussing the ways in which Bigfoot films highlight these fears whilst simultaneously reiterating a thirst for traditional values.

Due to the inherent limitations of such an assignment however I shall be focusing predominantly on Sasquatch Cinema of the s, the decade of the Bigfoot Boom, in particular certain films which place a strong emphasis on Science Fiction.

However, due to the lack of writing and discourse surrounding these films, I shall be using pre-existing film theory and discussions of related contemporary films in order to further develop arguments.Combined works of John Green's two best selling titles On the Track of the Sasquatch and Encounters with Bigfoot.

Includes New material surrounding the recent controversies of the claims of fraud by Ray Wallace and others. DOWNLOAD DNA STUDY HERE VIEW PEER REVIEWS HERE Tables 1, 5, 6 Download Supplemental Materials to Paper Below: Supplemental Materials and Methods S1.

The Georgia Bigfoot Society is an organization of members who are dedicated to a quest for knowledge about and understanding of the creature known as Sasquatch, particularly .

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